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The Southern California PSYCHIATRIST

The Southern California PSYCHIATRIST is the digital newsletter of the Southern California Psychiatric Society and is published 11 times a year, September through July (no August issue). The e-newsletter features psychopharmacology columns, neuroscience columns, editorials, SCPS news, classified ads and more.

Display Advertising

Deadline for Copy: Approximately the 1st of every month preceding publication. (For example – deadline for the January issue is approximately December 1st.) Please contact SCPS for exact deadlines.

Payment: Must accompany ad or be received before deadline for ad copy.
Checks are accepted, or you may pay via PayPal.

Mechanical Requirements: Ads should contain outlines or borders. Ad will appear as submitted. May be sent electronically as .pdf or .jpeg.

Sizes and Rates:

  • Full page (7 1/2" x 9 1/2")--1x = $683, 5x = $630, 11x = $562
  • Half page (7 1/2" x 4 3/4")--1x = $420, 5x = $383, 11x = $347
  • Third page horizontal (7 1/2" x 3 1/6")--1x = $331, 5x = $299, 11x = $273
  • Sixth page (2 1/4" x 4 3/4")--1x = $263, 5x = $236, 11x = $215

Classified Ads

Classified ads shall be submitted typed (preferably on letterhead) with name, address and phone number of person responsible for ad.

$60 for the first 50 words. Sixty-five cents (.65) per word thereafter, Seventy cents (.70) for each word you wish to have bolded or all capitalized.

Please email your ad to us, and we we will confirm word count and price.

Payment: Must accompany ad or be received before deadline for ad copy.
Checks are accepted, or you may pay via PayPal.
All ads are due the 1st of the month to appear in that month's issue.

  • Acceptance of all advertising is subject to SCPS's approval and agreement by the advertiser to indemnify and protect SCPS from loss or expense on claims or suits based upon contents of the subject matter of such advertisement. This includes suits for plagiarism, copyright infringement and unauthorized use of a persons name or photograph.
  • SCPS reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising.
  • All agreements are subject to labor disputes, accidents, fires, acts of God or other contingencies beyond the publisher's control.
  • SCPS shall not be liable for damages if, for any reason, SCPS fails to publish an advertisement.
  • SCPS assumes no liability for errors or omissions of key numbers.
  • All advertising shall be clearly identified with trademard or signiture or name of advertisers.
  • Conversion and other production charges related to advertising material are billed at prevailing rate and are non commissionable.
  • Advertising materials are retained for 12 months, then destroyed.
  • SCPS shall not be bound by any conditions printed or otherwise appearing on order blanks or copy instructions which conflict with the provisions of this rate card.
  • SCPS reserves the right to cancel a contract upon default in payment of unpaid charges either by advertising agency or by advertiser.
  • There is no discount for advertising agencies and agencies are fully responsible for payments on all orders placed by them.


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